MRK GRC Corice Design
Grc Cornice- External and internal cornice’s are a very simple and effective way to enhance the design and visual looks of a building. Architectural cornice serves a number of aesthetic functions. A building with a cornice is more pleasing to the eye. It also provides a better finish to the building.

Cornice’s are used in buildings at lower as well as higher levels. They can be done in white smooth finish (ready to be painted) or a pigmented (smooth or sand) finish.

The cornice can be customised to the customer’s requirement and these can be easily installed on the blockwork of the building.

MRK GRC expertise allows the cornice’s to be installed with minimal effort.

A Ceiling Medallion or Ceiling Centre is the perfect option for anyone who wants to dress up an otherwise boring light fixture or room, especially one with a 9 foot ceiling!.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone's needs. We have an assortment of medallions that match perfectly with our selection of mouldings. It can be found in upscale homes, offices, conference rooms and other assorted commercial spaces.
Well chosen trims can have an incredible effect on the look and character of your home for a very small cost.
Our trims brilliantly define the character of any room and serve only to enhance the overall beauty of your entire home.

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