GFRC Beautiful Domes
You can easily create a focal point using our ceiling domes. with ceiling domes you can turn a plain ceiling into an artistic expression. Grand foyers, lobbies and luxurious living and dining rooms are majestically enhanced with the addition of ceiling domes.
Ceiling domes are sophisticated, recessed architectural embellishments traditionally found in finer rooms and grand entryways of fine historical estates. eiling domes as an interior architectural adornment flourished in neoclassical interiors.
Back then ceiling domes were made of plaster but today they are available in one-piece designs that are easily installed with adhesive. Ceiling domes can be used as a focal point over a dining room table or as a centerpiece ceiling decoration in a great room.
a ceiling dome becomes an eye-catching showpiece when used as a setting for a highlighting a magnificent chandelier. Adding a ceiling dome is easiest in a ceiling that has no floors above.

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