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Welcome to MRK GRC

BENEFITS OF GRC DESIGN-CAST-BUILD GRC PANELS AND SHAPES Quality Architectural GRC We can partner with you on complex and fast track projects to get them done on time, on budget and exceed client expectations. With our preconstruction services, we work with architects, developers, and contractors to design the most effective methods of GRC construction. We provide penalization planning, architectural details, connection details and details related to the interface of GRC and other materials.

We can help develop preliminary budgets, finishes, mock ups and schedules. Assistance with architectural details, custom finishes and shapes
GRC penalization techniques for efficient and effective construction
Over 25 years of GRC experience
Proven work-flow system that delivers quality GRC on time and on budget
Seamless work flow from design, to production to installation
Engineer-certified Quality Control in plant and during GRC installation
Multiple plant and field inspections by in-house engineering and quality control
Design assistance for critical path panels and GRC elements
Exploration of alternate cladding systems options
Design of GRC connection details
Preliminary and final "load to structure" calculations
Details to handle creep and drift
Early location of embeds and block-outs in concrete slabs
Individual project manager and team assigned to your project
Schedule and Costs Savings
Early coordination on your GRC project can save your project time, money and produce better quality. Time savings. Early coordination can cut weeks or even months off the project critical path. Pre-approval of GRC panels, elements and connections can start production while foundation work is being done.
Money. Project pricing is accurate with initial and updated budget pricing. Team work. Coordination with Designers, Owners, General Contractor and the various subcontractors can save time, shorten the schedule and produce a better quality building.

Composite Mouldings, is a company formed in the year 2000 with an on field experience of more than 15 years in catering to all GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) requirements in Construction, Building Exteriors, Interiors, and Landscape Areas.

What is GRC
GRC - Glass Reinforced Concrete popularly known as GRC or GRC all over the World. Broadly the formulation for GRC product is a mixture of 40% White Cement, 40% Fine Aggregates, 0.4% Plasticizers, 4% Polymers, 11.5%-14% Water, and 3.5%-4% of AR Glass Fiber.

What is GRP
GRP - Glass Reinforced Polyester, popularly known as FRP in Asia and GRP World wide. GRP products are made using various grades of Glass Fibers in combination with Polyester and Epoxy Resins.

Why GRP and GRC ?
GRP and GRC today are making a significant contribution to the technology and aesthetics of the construction industry world wide. These Environment friendly composites, with its low consumption of energy are being used to manufacture great varieties of products. It has won firm friends among Architects, Designers, Engineers, and end users for its flexible abilities to meet performance, appearance, and cost parameters.

We offer to our clients a wide range of choices in our product GRC Installation . Our expertise and extensive industry experience assists us in providing them with varied finishes and sizes as per clients specific requirements.

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